JMB & Associates, LLC

Welcome to JMB & Associates, LLC

About Us

JMB is a full service manufacture's representative, stocking distributor  and service company.  We sell and service ABB variable frequency drives  (For HVAC and Water / Waste Water applications), CRC (Critical Room  Controls for hospital room pressurization controls and fume hood  controls), Precision Air Products (ceiling ventilation systems for operating rooms) Badger Meters: water, steam and Sage gas meters, Ebtron air  flow stations as well as gas detection systems by Honeywell (Vulcain),  QEL and Brasch.  We also are a distributor for Phase Technologies  (single to three phase converters), TCI VFD accessories, ABB/Baldor  motors and Mamac transducers.

 Our sales and service associates all have either an HVAC or engineering  background. Whether you are an end-user, engineer or contractor, we want  you to think of us as an indispensable asset you can reach out to for  expertise at a level you won’t find elsewhere.  

Product & Service Solutions

 We are the Wisconsin Service Center for ABB VFD's and we also service  all brands of drives.  We provide fast, quality 24 hour service, 7 days a  week, 365 days a year. 

We have an extensive inventory of VFD's of 208V  and 460V base units, drives with a disconnect and fuses and drives with a  complete bypass system up to 100HP.  

We stock and service gas detection systems for water and waste water  plants, manufacturing facilities, parking garages, refrigeration systems  and provide the annually required calibration services.  

 We represent Ebtron air flow stations, the best solution in the market  for accuracy, repeatability and reliability.  Short duct length, outdoor  air and low flow applications where differential pressure solutions  will not work is Ebtron's specialty.  

We are the Wisconsin representative for Critical Room Control, superior  critical environment pressure monitoring and control systems for the  medical, laboratory, and life science  community. Known for the ability  to integrate solutions into an easy to use management system.  

We are the Wisconsin representative for Precision Air Products, ceiling ventilation systems for operating rooms.

 We represent Badger Meter in Wisconsin. Badger has a wide product  offering coupled with Sage Meters to have a meter solution to fit your  needs.